13 tips for you to make the most of your holidays


Are you one of those people who likes to travel and wants to make the most of their holidays? Well, you’re in luck as we’ve prepared some tips that will help you to plan your next trip.

Before we get started, it’s important to check when is the best time of year to travel to the destination you wish to visit, check your travel budget, where you want to stay, etc.

Once you’re sure about all of this, you’re ready to follow some tips to travel and enjoy your holidays:

  1. One bag, many needs…

How many days will you be staying? Organise your clothes in a comfortable and separate place, that way you won’t forget anything.

  1. It’s better to reserve than be sorry

Make your reservations in the destination you plan to visit before travelling.

  1. Identification documents

Regardless of your destination, remember to have a copy of all your documents (and keep them in a safe place where you’re staying).

  1. Forewarned is forearmed (or so they say)

If you’re travelling by plane, remember to take extra clothes in your hand luggage in case you lose your suitcase.

  1. Watch your money

Arrived at the hotel? Remember to use the safe deposit box -if there is one- and leave some of your money there (but not all of it).

  1. Keep exploring

Request information or search online for the most interesting places to visit near where you’re staying.

  1. Photos for the memories

Charge all your electronic devices and capture the best moments.

  1. Try new dishes

Find out more about the local gastronomy and make sure to eat in the places that have a queue outside, they most likely serve the best food.

  1. Buy handicrafts

Don’t forget to buy handicrafts from local shops.

  1. Total disconnection

You’re on holidays, make the most of it! Spend the day exploring the city without checking your phone (forget about messages, emails and calls).

  1. The country is your home, take care of it

Throw away your rubbish properly, respect the customs and monuments of the place you’re visiting.

  1. A well-deserved rest

After the trip, get enough rest to regain all your energy before getting back to your daily routine.

  1. And finally…

Go through your to-do list and prioritise what’s most important.

Remember, you’ll be travelling again soon, so work hard and start dreaming about your next destination!


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