5 tips to keep skin beauty in Summer


All of us are really aware of the keys to take care of the summer and its effects on skin. Maribel Yébenes and Myriam G. Yébenes give us some tips through this article so we let the sun gives us the best.


Our face skin must be cleaned every morning and night with cleaning cream and then lotion, which by the way must be kept in the fridge in order to assist the refreshing and toning effect. This way, cleaning and toning will become a real pleasure.

However, the body skin must be cleaned even softer as long as the sun, salt and chlorine are dangerous aggressors to its hydrological balance, making it weaker. The best option is the cleaning gel. 


Serums and creams with high level of anti-oxidants as  vitamin C and green tea, moisturizing such as hyaluronic acid, glycerine and urea; as well as refreshing agents like collagen, elastine and natural botanical oils will be our best allied for the face as well as for body.


It is essential to protect from the sun using a quality UV filter adapted to the special features of our skin, after cleaning and moisturizing. If we are talking about sunbathing, we should apply the product every two hours at least, it doesn’t matter if we have been in the water or not, and never exceed the hours of exposure. We mustn’t pretend to reach an excessive tone for our particular foto-type, it won’t result attractive and also will cause health problems and bring wrinkles, spots, etc.


It is necessary to give our skin the active anti-oxidizing and repairing ingredients to help us against the sun aggression, the sea, the chlorine, the wind… Serums and creams filled with hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastine, soya bean, vitamins and nutritive oils must be applied every night. Meanwhile, moisturizing creams must be applied every day.


Drinking a lot of water, fruits, vegetables, wheat cereals, high quality lean proteins and trying to avoid all kind of processed food, sugary and carbonated drinks, flours and bakery, will help us to keep an ideal inner balance. This will assure a contribution of antioxidants, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and fats suitable for the beauty and strength of our skin.


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