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It’s time to put aside all conventional sports, those we call “mass audience sports” Enough of all the football, basketball, tennis and paddle. No more closing ourselves in a pavilion or a field bounded by lines and walls. Away with corsets … It’s time to enjoy outdoor sports and get in touch with unspoilt nature, feel the wind in your face, defy the laws of gravity, enjoy the sea or dive into its mysteries. Do you fancy a bit of climbing, diving and paragliding?

Marbella is known worldwide as the pearl of the Costa del Sol. A natural paradise with over three hundred days of sunshine a year that tourists from around the world flock to like bees to honey in search of its beaches. But what many people do not know is that the city and its coasts live under the shelter of the Sierra Blanca, a mountainous set, topped by the imposing figure of the peak of the Concha (1215 meters). This mountain range is an ideal enclave to practice climbing in its many forms and disciplines.The area offers more than 400 climbing routes ranging from third grade through to eighth. So besides being a beach destination, ideal for water sports, it is also a great place to practice climbing. Just think names such as Puerto Rico Alto or Placas del Cura, if after a day of salt and sand, you are up for putting on climbing shoes. If you choose to stay at the BlueBay Banus**** you will have the privilege of seeing from your room the silhouette of the sierra of Marbella while smelling the intense scent of the sea breeze at the same time.

We jump off the climbing walls to dive straight into the deep ocean. For this, we propose to cross the pond to land in the wonderful surroundings of Playa del Carmen (Mexico). A place that offers many possibilities for scuba diving at all levels. In its coast is a fantastic chain of coral reef, the second largest in the world, with dive sites ranging from 10 to 30 meters.This barrier reef spans Four countries and has a length of almost 1,000 km. The legendary Jacques Cousteau came to call it one of the best diving sites in the world. Its highlights include Cozumel, declared Marine Park by the Federal Government of Mexico in 1979, with more than 25 different diving points. Another piece of the most breathtaking scenery are the caves called cenotes, formed millions of years ago, filled with  spectacular stalactites, offering divers amazing light games with unrivaled visibility under water. All this natural wealth is available right outside the facilities of BlueBay Grand Esmeralda*****, one of the leading hotel establishments in the area. The perfect lair for any diving fan…

Sports that we propose below are only for those restless and brave spirits. We are talking about skydiving, freefall gliding, paragliding and hang gliding. The scenario that we offer to enjoy these aviation activities is an almost lunar landscape, straight out of a science fiction story: Lanzarote. This is a site with ideal weather conditions for the practice of these activities. The time when the winds are favorable and days are best for flying is between November and March. On the island there are many companies specializing in these sports for beginners and renting top quality professional equipment if you are a tourist with a bird’s soul. When you’re in the air, flying over places like Arrecife or Costa Teguise, the initial fear will fade away, overshadowed by the breathtaking beauty of the view. When you put your feet back on the ground, there is nothing better than resting and reviewing the material recorded in the heights in the facilities of BlueBay Lanzarote ***, an ideal starting point to begin and finish this adventure that you will never forget.

And although they are more classic water sports, and affordable to all public, we also strongly recommend the practice of activities like kayaking, sailing, surfing, windsurfing or the popular kite surf. Besides these, the hotel BelleVue Puntarena Playa Caleta****, in Varadero (Cuba), offers much more within the interesting concept of BeachFun4Life, which develops a new way to enjoy the highly entertaining beach.


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