Opportunity to experience life on mars


TripAdvisor is now offering the unique opportunity to take part in the world’s first experience that reproduces the conditions of life on Mars.

Working in collaboration with the interplanetary agency Astroland, TripAdvisor®, the world’s most popular travel website, has opted to attract a new cohort of thrill-seekers to embark on an incredible expedition to caves in the north of Spain. Exclusively available through TripAdvisor Experiences, this once-in-a-lifetime experience is possible for €6050.

The Astroland experience includes three days and nights in the confines of Ares Station: a 60-metre high and 1.5 kilometre–long cave, nestled in the depths of a Cantabrian mountain range. The cave, which is isolated from human contact, is believed to reproduce the hostile conditions of Mars accurately.

The first mission, which has already taken place, was carried out by five “astrolanders” who first underwent a long and intensive preparation period. The agency has now opened up its doors to the paying public, with five expeditions scheduled for the coming months. This 30-day experience comprises a three week online training course and a further three days of physical and psychological preparation at the Astroland facilities.

“We consider the Astroland experience to be an extraordinary adventure, and are very excited at the prospect of being the exclusive ticket retailer”, said TripAdvisor’s Laurel Greatrix. “We’re proud to promote a vast range of experiences: not just incredible attractions all around the world, but also extravagant and unusual projects such as this. We offer the world’s largest selection of tours and activities, which can be booked in all corners of the globe. In total, we offer over 200,000 different experiences. This makes TripAdvisor the best place to find amazing adventures. So, if you’re not cut out for life on Mars, you can find many more amazing opportunities on our website”, she added.

TripAdvisor’s Head of Communication in Spain, Blanca Zayas, welcomed the addition of this intergalactic activity on their website. “Spain has always stood out from a touristic perspective, whether for its beaches, restaurants, hotels or the vast range of activities that it offers. Now, with this unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet, we are reinforcing our position as one of the world’s top tourist destinations”, she stated.

Astroland’s CEO, meanwhile, David Ceballos, spoke of his delight at being able to contribute to this important space investigation. “Investing in space technology is investing in innovation”, he explained. “This project was started to test replicable technologies on Planet Earth, as has already happened with other everyday products deriving from space investigation, ranging from GPS to different technologies for medical applications. We’re eagerly looking forward to working with TripAdvisor to make this happen”.


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