Ecotourism in Alcudia


North of the island of Mallorca, the municipality has successfully developed sustainable tourism with the environment as key point

Mallorca is a great tourist destination, largely for its wonderful beaches. But not all destinations have the environment as one of the top priorities although they use it as a lure. However, Alcudia, north of the island of Mallorca, gives great importance to ecotourism and environmental preservation. It was almost an obligation, as 35% of this town’s territory is a Natural Area of Special Interest.

Among its natural areas is the nature reserve S’Albufereta, the mountain of Victòria, Cap des Pinar and much of its coastline. The combination of these spaces with the implementation of measures for sustainable tourism development has caused tourism to develop successfully while giving importance to the preservation of the natural environment.

Alcudia is, undoubtedly, a municipality where sustainability policies have taken effect locally and within the tourism companies that provide their services there. Among its measures are: environmental education, use of non-polluting vehicles, reducing energy consumption, water saving and reuse, use of organic products or promotion of local products.

Thus, Alcudia is a more than appealing destination for the lovers of nature looked after more carefully, composed of sandy beaches, coves, mountains and wetlands.


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