Beatriz Fernández: “My accessories carry a ‘treasure’ found in antique shops”


Teacher and educational psychologist by profession, Beatriz Fernández has made herself a name among the most renowned designers of headdresses and accessories today. Her brand, Bolfate, stands for originality, uniqueness of its parts and variety of materials.

LookOut: How does Beatriz Fernández define Bolfate?

Beatriz Fernández: Bolfate is a daring, original and contemporary brand but with a vintage mystical feel. The “Bolfate girl” is confident and should know how to play with accessories.

LO: What has been the evolution of your brand?

BF: The brand itself has matured and grown in many ways, especially in reliance. The style of my accessories is more defined.

I am still obsessed with the uniqueness and authenticity of each piece. I like to make them unique because a part of me is in each one of them.

Over the years I have begun a search for different and original materials that are out of the ordinary and difficult to find.

LO: How does Bolfate stand out from other designers of accessories and headgear?

BF: Bolfate has an interest in everything, therefore, many of my accessories carry some “treasure” found in antique shops. Anything can become a wonderful and very special piece. I like to play with contrasts and colors. Attention and personalized advice to each client is one of my strengths.

LO: Among your creations we can find handmade jewelry, headdresses, brooches … what do you most like to work on?

 BF: I enjoy all of them, they are part of me and certainly reflect my experiences and emotions. I love the craft and its different techniques. I try to experiment them all. So all my accessories are handmade.

LO: What piece or materials best define Bolfate? What piece would be themost Bolfate”?

BF: I use semiprecious stones and vintage pieces that I almost always enframe in gold brass. Undoubtedly, my star pieces are earrings in many shapes, colors and very flattering to any look.

LO: What is your inspiration?

BF: My designs are inspired by different cultural references and experiences in travel. Influences such as Dali and Schiaparelli have been my inspiration for many accessories that have that surreal air.

LO: Whether as a bride or a guest, weddings are the key events to show off creations like yours. What advice would you give to someone who wants to look impeccable at an event like that?

BF: Be yourself and choose a look according to your personality. I am in favor of wearing a simple dress, not too overbearing, and combining it with some unique accessory. That way it will stand out above everything. The jewel headdresses are a great ally for such events.

LO: What Bolfate piece should a woman have in her wardrobe?

BF: One that was her “love at first sight” and one she can wear on countless occasions.

LO: What are the next goals for Bolfate?

BF: I have many! Improve and keep learning every day, because experiences are what shapes us and prepares us to face new challenges.

My company is still small and I promote my accessories on the Internet, blogs, Facebook and Instagram.


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