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The famous award-winning British television series Black Mirror, created by Charlie Brooker and transmitted via the popular streaming platform Netflix, has used Guardian Glass’ La casa del desierto as a setting in one episode in its recently-launched fifth season.

La casa del desierto, located in Gorafe, Granada, represents the perfect place to find isolation from an overly “connected” world in episode 2, entitled “Smithereens”. This scene stars Topher Grace, who has also featured in other films such as Spider-Man 3.

La casa del desierto en Black Mirror - Smithereens 11

This episode was filmed last summer, over two full days. The production and filming team showed a constant interest in the house, which captured the attention of everyone on-set. The cameras, meanwhile, shot the building from several different perspectives and focuses.

La casa del desierto, a pioneering project in the Iberian Peninsula, is a Guardian Glass initiative that was born to test its glass solutions in the most extreme climatological conditions, outlining the importance of correct glass choice for the windows of any home.

This unique and distinctive house has already been chosen as the setting for other advertising, fashion and photojournalism shoots, collaborating with important production houses, firms and brands who consider La casa del desierto, to be a standalone site through which they can reach and inspire their target audience.

La casa del desierto en Black Mirror - Smithereens 10

Black Mirror, which premiered in 2011, is an English science-fiction series which, through its standalone episodes, explores a dark and disturbing future that may become a reality if we continue to poorly use or manage the main technological innovations of modern society. The series has won Emmy, Peabody and BAFTA awards, among others. It currently has millions of fans and followers worldwide.

About La casa del desierto

  • Location: Gorafe, Granada
  • Surface area: 20m2
  • Distribution: 3 rooms: bedroom, bathroom and lounge-kitchen area
  • Surface area of photovoltaic panels: 26m2
  • Energy storage capacity: 18.2 kWh
  • Approximate estimated maximum and minimum temperatures inside the house: 18ºC – 28ºC
  • Temperature range in the Gorafe Desert: As high as 45ºC in summer | As low as -10ºC in winter

La casa del desierto, is a pioneering Guardian Glass project that uses the force of nature to test its glass solutions. With the cutting-edge design of the house, Guardian Glass aims to demonstrate how, through correct glass selection, we could inhabit the most climatologically extreme environments. Window glass can greatly assist thermal and acoustic isolation, help to protect us from UV rays and improve security against theft and break-ins.


From an architectonic perspective, La casa del desierto is built upon a wooden structure, with Guardian Glass panels comprising the entire perimeter of the building. Inside, meanwhile, there is a bedroom, a bathroom and a lounge-kitchen area. This sufficiently-sized space that looks directly out onto the landscape also has a water filtering system, an energy production system and a set of photovoltaic solar panels.

The design, product of a collaborative project between a broad and experienced team of architects – led by OFIS Arquitectura’s Spela Videcnik – alongside Guardian Glass glass specialists and engineers and energy consultants from Akt II and Transsolar, is a response to the current and future challenges faced by the architecture and construction sector, encouraging environmentally-friendly and energetically-efficient structures. The type of glass employed in any space also has a direct impact on this.

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