BlueBay Hotels & Resorts helps families in need in Palma de Mallorca


BlueBay Hotels & Resorts sponsors the VII charity run Set i Mig, in collaboration with the nonprofit association ADAA.

BlueBay Hotels & Resorts sponsors the VII Set I Mig Benefic Race next May 31st in Palma de Mallorca. This charity event is held every year by the nonprofit association ADAA, (Associació d’ajuda al acompanyant del malalt de les Illes Balears) to help families in need or to support and assist people with severe illness who need to be treat and move outside the island. This sponsorship is a specific action within the philosophy of BlueBay Hotels & Resorts of Corporate Social Responsibility integrating sustainable development principles and implementing socially responsible behavior applied to different policy areas.

According to the Director General/CEO of BlueBay Group, Joaquín Janer, “At BlueBay Hotels & Resorts, we have always envisioned our social responsibility as a duty to the society. We are aware of the problems of our community and with this specific event, we want to cooperate with ADAA and help families in need in Palma de Mallorca. In other hand, ADAA manager, Mercedes Alvarado said that “with this kind of events, we can take care of families that need help and provide them with flats, social and government support, simplifying the association daily work.”

The race will start at the Passeig Jaume III at Llucmajor, at 8.30am. There will be two different races: first one with 7.5 km in semi-urban style and the other one is a popular race up to 2.5 kilometers, with urban style. Registrations are available in or just arriving early at the race location.

There will be food and drinks, with a symbolic prices of €1, in order to help and collaborate with ADAA. Everybody will enjoy batukada, music and xirimiers. Also, there will be a raffle with dinners, gifts, travels and hotels nights… Due to the different sponsors, the race will have its essential provisioning. As a main sponsor, BlueBay Hotel & Resorts will give all the running shirts.

For further information, you can contact Mercedes Alvarado, ADAA manager on the following number: 659 789 361.


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