How are the hotel beds in the world?


Whether we are at home or traveling, sleep well is the key to a good start to the day. The hotels take very seriously the rest of their guests offering different types or sizes of beds. However, a bed in Spain could be very different from one in the United States.

The world of beds is much more complex than we can imagine and there are a lot of interesting facts about the type of hotel beds around the world. … Did you know that?

  1. In the United Kingdom, there are triple beds with exotic names such “King of the East”, “Emperor” or “Caesar”. Up to three guests can rest without a problem in these spacious beds, approximately 245 cm wide and 220 cm long.
  1. “Bonne nuit” is a kind of ‘French’ double bed available in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Greece. This is a further proof of the famous French romanticism as these beds are usually smaller than the normal double beds. Therefore, for those who would like to share, they will be no choice but snuggle.
  1. The classic, literally known as ‘marriage bed’ in Spain, Italy and Poland. Although in Spain can also be used the word ‘double’, but in these countries still prefer to use the traditional one.
  1. The queen of the double beds can be found in America. In order to find the largest double beds in the world you must travel to the States. The “Grand King Bed” is the largest bed with 250 cm. The Spanish people can also request a customized king-size bed of 360 cm long and 300 cm wide to the hotels.
  1. “The double bed with trick ”. If you are traveling to Germany or Switzerland and you would like to ensure a comfortable stay in a double bed, you must be careful and first check with the hotel. In these countries, a double bed usually means two single mattresses placed together.
  1. The United States or Japan offers an unlimited variety of beds. There are, in particular 11 types of bed to choose depending on the hotel offer and availability.
  1. The biggest single beds are in the Southern hemisphere. Lonely travellers are not forgotten in Australia and New Zealand and individual spacious beds of 107 cm wide and 204 cm can be offered to them.
  1. The smallest beds in the world. British, Norwegian, Swedish and Norwegian hotels offer the narrowest bed in the world with a width of only 75 cm.
  1. The California dream. Travellers can rest in the odd “California Bed” and “California King Bed” in the States and in Canada. Why California? The term dates back to the origins of bed in the sixties in Los Angeles.
  1. Last but not least, “The nameless”. Further to the East, Chinese beds are classified and named according to measures in the land of red dragon. Moreover, the travel tool offers tips to sleep during your holidays.

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