Discover the unknown New York


These places are not typical enclaves you’ve seen in movies. They do not appear in conventional travel guides. For a few moments we will escape the most iconic and emblematic spots of the city that never sleeps. It is time to discover new and exciting attractions hidden in its streets.


It is like something out of a magical and dreamlike story but it is a reality that can be treaded since 1977. It is a room in Wooster Street 2B containing 250 cubic yards of earth. We talk about an art installation of American creator Walter De Maria which is regularly moistened to maintain its essence and initial wet earth scent. Be careful, because in the art market, this place has a value of around one million dollars.


Here the name does not leave much to the imagination. This is a completely gilded venue. It is at 389 Broome Street and its most iconic corner consists of hundreds of golden skulls embedded in the wall, imitating the old Capuchin crypts. If you are a gold lover this is the place to make your Instagram account fume.


It may sound snobbish, bizarre or eccentric, but we invite you to a tiny museum located in an old freight elevator in Cortlandt Alley. It is a small art space created by filmmakers Josh Safdie and Alex Kalman, featuring a permanent collection of curios. Among its greatest jewels stands out the shoe that an Iraqi threw at George W. Bush in Badgad during a press conference with local authorities. Surely you remember the images and pictures of the former president when dodging the bullet in form of footwear.


This is a secret passageway in the middle of Second Avenue, in the heart of the hustle and bustle of New York, which leads to a quiet park full of marble tombstones. It is the oldest non-religious cemetery in the entire city. It dates back to 1830 and the last of it tenants was buried under ground in 1937. With a population of around 2,000 dead, today it is fairly well preserved as a green oasis for picnicking, besides being the scene of occasional concert or an event of artistic nature.


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