The very best Jamón Joselito dressed up with elegant Swarovski crystals


Ham is one of the most impressive natural beauty products that should not be left out of any woman’s diet as it’s an antioxidant and heart-healthy product with vitamins and minerals to help the elasticity and beauty of the skin, hair and nails. With all these elements, Jamón Joselito is an exceptional beauty accessory, and now for the first time will come decorated with dazzling Swarovski crystals.

The exceptional Joselito 2009 Vintage, cured for 8 years, comes adorned with more than 5000 Swarovski crystals in a highly original net covering, making it a highly sought after object. An elegant bracelet with two becharmed beads and encrusted Swarovski crystals accompanies this select piece of Spanish ham. And all of this is topped off with a premium cover where the name Joselito is made from thousands of Swarovski microcrystals.

This isn’t the first time Joselito has wowed customers with its distinctive packaging. On previous occasions, it worked with fashion brands like Andrés Sardá, the architect Rafael Moneo, and musician Ara Malikian. But for this year, Joselito has found inspiration in the mastery and perfection of the Swarovski crystals.

The Premium Edition is as exclusive as it is limited as only 45 lucky customers will be able to enjoy its unique flavour and keep its packaging as a shining example.


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