Tourism brings up to 9.8% of global economy


Travelling and tourism industries generated directly up to 2.4B $ last year, which it means up to 3.1% of the Global Domestic Product (GDP), according to the World Travel & Tourism Council’s last report (WTTC).

Now, adding both direct and indirect effects, tourism generates up to 9.8% of the global economic production.


“In terms of employment, the importance of touristic industry is even higher”, according to the WTTC. Tourism is creating direct employment for 105 million people globally, that means it is seven times bigger than cars or five times bigger than chemical industry.


This report comes from the Oxford Economics for WTTC, highlights as well that Global Touristic GDP is growing at 3.9% annual speed during the next decade, compared to the increasing rate of 2.9% expected according to global economy. “It is a growth that exceeds the expected growths at the other economic areas, except retailers sales”, declares WTTC.

Through the following links, you can check different reports from the WTT per counties in the whole world.

En los siguientes enlaces se pueden consultar los informes del WTTC por regiones del mundo y los informes por países.


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