Laysuit, romper, one-piece, or jumpsuits: A must have of this season


It is not true that a woman needs to wear a dress to feel feminine and elegant. The jumpsuits have become one of the preferred choices for any occasion, they are so versatile and you can find them in many different styles to wear in an elegant event, a party, or a quiet evening with friends.

The jumpsuit is one of those clothes that have been fashionable for at least five seasons ago. Usually fashion designers in their spring-summer collections have used rompers. But now the trend is changing and the jumpsuit is also a fantastic choice for autumn and winter.

This season this one-piece, pants and top, comes as a relief of the classic dress; it is one of the items most often used by celebrities. The all-in-one is tricky to pull off, but done right, it can look sophisticated, and actually very sexy and this season is a must for everyone.

The jumpsuit origins date back to 1920, still relevant for short periods of 1930 and 1960. But the real boom took place in the late 70s and the early years of the 80s. On these days, jumpsuit give woman a vintage look and offer a extensive range of possibilities to wear as it adapts to any style and type of woman.

Rompers and jumpsuits are good fashion staples to expand a woman’s wardrobe because they come in many styles and sizes. With roots dating back a few centuries, it is notable how rompers and jumpsuits have evolved from men and boys’ clothing to chic and versatile garments for the everyday woman. While both rompers and jumpsuits can be either loose or form fitting, rompers usually feature shorts while jumpsuits feature long pants. Since there are so many types of rompers and jumpers, with a little research and some fittings, women of all body-types can find the best fit for them.



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