Google Maps lets you share your location in real time


Google announced last March 22nd  a new Google Maps functionality that allows you to share your location in real time.

This functionality is available for iOS and Android, and is activated by clicking on the blue dot that indicates your location. Clicking offers a number of options to share the location with anyone on your Google address book or with contacts from other applications such as WhatsApp.

It also allows you to add existing contacts or create new ones in case you need to send your location to someone who was not previously in your contact list.

And the best peculiarity about this new feature is that when used in “navigation mode” it allows the other person to track your progress as you approach your destination. To activate navigation mode, go to Google Maps, type a destination address and choose the mode of transport  (car, on foot, etc). The app will trace the path and estimated time of arrival and after this is done you can share your location. Then the other person can follow in real time your trajectory and time of arrival on his mobile device as you approach your destination.

With this new Google Maps functionality, meeting friends or family, or knowing how long it will take you o reach a particular destination will be much easier.

 How about using this application in holidays when each member of the group wants to do something different? It will allow you to place everyone on the same map and calculate the time it will take to meet again in a particular spot!


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