Dutch and British travellers: the european tourists who book their holiday in Spain most in advance


Friendly Rentals presents a snapshot of the amount of time that its European users spend in their medium-term tourist apartments, and how far in advance they reserve them, when booking their accommodation per day.

  • According to Friendly Rentals’ data, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom top the table of the European countries where the company is operational. On average, users from these countries who book their tourist apartments per day—in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia—do so 82 days in advance.
  • They are followed by users from France, who book their accommodation 63 days in advance; Italy, 57.5 days in advance; and Spain, 44 days in advance. Americans, meanwhile, book their medium-term Spanish holiday accommodation 68 days in advance.
  • Of the four Spanish cities in which Friendly Rentals has an office, Valencia is visited for the longest period of time by Dutch and British tourists booking per day (5.1 days for both nationalities). These are then followed by French tourists (4.9 days) and Italian tourists (4.3 days). Spanish tourists, meanwhile, spend most days in Madrid (3.4 days on average), Valencia (2.8 days) and Barcelona (2.6 days).

The Netherlands and the United Kingdom are among the European countries whose citizens book their Spanish medium-term tourist accommodation per day (for daily or short-term stays) most in advance. They do so, on average, 82 days in advance when staying in cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Valencia. The data was collected by the holiday apartment rental company Friendly Rentals about the European countries in which it operates, shining a light on the behaviour of its users with regards to how early they book their accommodation for a stay of under one week in Spain.

Following Dutch and the British tourists, French users plan and book their stay in Spain most in advance, doing so on average 63 days before their holiday begins. Next comes Italian users, who book their accommodation 57.5 days in advance; and Spanish users, who do so 44 days in advance, on average. American users, meanwhile, book their Spanish holiday accommodation on average 68 days in advance, according to Friendly Rentals’ data.

Of the four Spanish cities in which Friendly Rentals has an office, Valencia is the city in which Dutch and British tourists stay for the longest amount of time when booking per day. Specifically, they stay for an average of 5.1 days. In this ranking, they are followed by French users (4.9 days) and Italian users (4.3 days). Spanish users, meanwhile, spend most time in Madrid (3.4 days), Valencia (2.8 days) and Barcelona (2.6 days).

Valencia is also the most popular Spanish destination for American users who book holiday apartments per day, spending an average of 5.3 days in the city.

After Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona are the Spanish cities in which Dutch, British, French, Italian and American users spend the longest amount of time (between 3 and 4 days, on average). Seville is the Spanish city in which users stay for the shortest length of time, with an average stay lasting between 1 and 2 days. This is the case for the medium stay bookings made per day by citizens of the four European countries mentioned above, as well as those from America and Spain.


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