Iberia launches Electronic Flight bags


The company begins testing in real flights the replacement of paper documentation for iPad

Iberia has installed iPad in five of its aircraft A320 as electronic flight bag, once the testing phase it has completed, it will be installed in the rest of the fleet. Also it will be integrated into the new A350 in the coming years.

More than a hundred Iberia pilots received prior theoretical training and simulator on the functionalities of this new tool, of which 69 and currently used in testing phase in real flights.

Iberia has become the first airline in Spain to have advanced electronics or electronic flight bag, hosted on iPads, which provides pilots with consultation of technical documentation, aeronautical charts and performing the necessary calculations to the preparation and conduct of the flight, among other advantages.

This advanced electronic system, hosted on iPads fast work of pilots, allowing them to both performance calculations as for takeoffs and landings of aircraft, with an easy and intuitive flight management, facilitating decision-making and greater operating efficiency.In addition, the electronic wallet replaces almost all paper documents currently carried in the airplane (about 60 kg. Weight) and includes aeronautical charts (approach charts, shooting and briefings airports) and documentation of the Operations Manual of the company.

Besides the advantages in safety, comfort, ergonomics and precision in flight, the system also provides benefits to the company, such as faster transmission of data and information management; fuel (5 kilos for every two hours of flight paths short and medium haul) and reduced emissions.

The iPads that support electronic flight bag, one for the commander and one for the second pilot, are fixed to the side structure of the cabin, which has deployed the necessary wiring that ensures your power through the electrical system plane.


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