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The Geneva Motor Show is the most important event of the year to satisfy the most passionate motorsport enthusiasts’ curiosity for latest in the industry. If you missed to read about it, try to have a look to this review… 

 The Swiss city still smells like new tires, brand new upholstery, gleaming body wax and other classic aromas from especially new cars. And we say “especially” because for ten days Geneva has been the world capital of automotive industry, where the major brands have presented the best of the best of their new projects. No matter the market segment in question, from simple and utilitarian car to the most excessive ultra sports car, through the ultimate in SUV, electric, hybrid, alternative combustions, etc … If you’re not in Geneva it’s as if you never even existed on the market.

Both the public and the critics have been able to enjoy the launch of over 120 new models. Following the dizzying figures, we should mention the 77,000 square meters dedicated to this event, nearly 900,000 people that have attended, the 10,000 international journalists that have gathered here or the 200 exhibitors from 30 different countries that have competed for drawing to their stand the most flashes, press articles, internet and social networking posts.

Focusing on the protagonists of the event, the cars, the segment of the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle, also known as “SUVs” or “light off-road”) has had a special role in this edition. Within the smaller, more compact models, those to draw main interest were the Ateca Seat, Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze, the Kia Niro and renewed Ford Kuga, Peugeot 2008 and  Audi Q2. Within this genre, but with more body and volume, Skoda Vision S has attracted attention, as well as one of the jewels of 2016, the exclusive, elegant and sporty Maserati Levante.

Among the compact cars, the segment with the highest number of sales in Europe, the restyling of Alfa Giulietta shone with its own light, as did the new concept for the return of the legendary Fiat Tipo and the super muscular Honda Civic. We will not expand much on the sports sedanes, but it is clear that one of the most visited stands was that of the Italian Alfa Romeo, thanks to the coming-out in society of Alfa Giulia, its ambitious bid to regain the throne lost in Europe within this segment.

As for the minivans, stands out the return of the Renault Scenic and the presentation of the family vehicles such as Volvo V90 or Kia Optima Sportwagon. Within the world of electric cars, wide attention was drawn by Citroen e-Mehari or the range of Hyundai Ioniq. As far as sports models are concerned, the offer was simply brutal, but the special mention should go to the pleasant surprise offered by the Opel GT, the Jaguar F-Type SVR or the dazzling DS E-Tense.

The Geneva Motor Show, once again, has met the expectations of motorsports fans. A journey that began way back in 1905 and has again shown that the Transalpine square continues to enjoy very good health.


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