Exclusivity within Exclusivity: Rolls-Royce Sweptail


A two-door coupe commissioned by an anonymous buyer with very clear ideas about how he wanted his dream car has been brought to life by the Rolls design team. The level of luxury goes way beyond anything we have seen before from the British car manufacturer and pays homage to the world of yachts with its raked stern. It’s the most expensive car out there at the moment, and if you have €11.5m, it’s all yours.

Construction work on the car began in 2013 when one of the company’s customers (nobody knows who, yet) who has a passion for collecting airplanes and super-yachts, commissioned the Sweptail. The feeling one gets is that you’re in front of a four-wheel sports yacht.

It’s a one-off piece, pairing all the aesthetic traditions of the Rolls-Royce with the world of sailing. The Sweptail’s front is immediately identifiable with the British brand’s current range, showing an incredibly unique grille, in fact, it’s the largest ever fitted to any modern-day Rolls and is made from solid hand-polished aluminium giving it a mirror finish.

Under the bonnet, the most expensive car in the world boasts 460 HP feeding the incredibly powerful engine and putting the Sweptail on a par with the best sports cars on the market today. Nevertheless, the car’s true identity lies in the rear of the vehicle, taking the concept of a yacht’s stern for the interior and exterior design, just as if the two rear seats were superseded by a cover.

All of this is wrapped by the light filling the car’s interior thanks to the sophisticated panoramic glass roof. This nautical inspiration is also reflected in the dashboard, which is closer to the control bridge of a boat than anything else. In fact, the company acknowledges it’s the simplest it has ever built. The dashboard only has one control and an elegant analogue clock with titanium hands.

As you’d expect, only the very best materials were used in making the car. Paldao and Ebony wood adorn the dashboard and are complemented by contrasting leathers that cover the seats, armrests and dashboard top. As a distinguishing feature, the Sweptail comes with two identical panniers behind the coach doors to house the owner’s attaché cases, and the centre console has a secret compartment for champagne and glasses so you can drink a toast to being able to enjoy the taste of something truly unique.




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