BlueBay Hotels’ new website focuses on traveller experience


The design further enhances customers access to personalised experiences in the destination

The visual interface is simple and minimalist with new content and features to meet guest requests

 BlueBay Hotels, the eleventh Spanish hotel company regarding international presence and the twelfth largest group in terms of hotel rooms, has launched its new website, with a design more focused on the traveller experience in the destination. The menu allows users to firstly select from a wide range of leisure and entertainment activities (hiking, swimming, culture, gastronomy, adventure, etc.) and then choose the destination where they want to enjoy the experience.


This way, the experience becomes even more important in responding to the requests of current customers, who are looking to enjoy the destination in a “different” way. According to BlueBay Hotels’ Chairman, Jamal Satli Iglesias, “the new design of the website has allowed us to innovate that bit more with the functionality of our online services. We’re more than a hotel chain, because we’ve now managed to prioritise the leisure and experiences and respond to our customers’ demands”.


The design of the new web considered the concept that customers start planning and looking into their trip by checking out all the possibilities on offer in different destinations, so they can really make the most of an experience. As Ramón Hernández, the group’s CEO, explained, “customers are increasingly better informed when they book a hotel, choose a holiday destination or arrive at a hotel. Therefore, here at BlueBay Hotels, we’re looking to surpass our customers’ expectations by offering them personalised attention that starts the experience from the moment they visit our web”.

Inspiring content and functionality to improve customer experience

 From a design perspective, the new web presents a fresh, minimalist and attractive look. Usability and content architecture were also given a makeover to improve the user experience.

Information is organised in the main menu, which includes the most relevant info for customers in different sections with specific content for each destination, and recommendations about what to do in the area or what restaurants to check out if you want to try some traditional cuisine. The possibility of choosing the experience first is strongly highlighted, and after that, the web shows you all the different destinations where you can enjoy the selected “experience”.

Photos of the hotel and destination show customers what’s on offer in each place and then decide which one is more in keeping with their style and personality. Visual quality for HD+ devices has also been greatly improved.


The new website features an IP-based geolocation system that allows BlueBay Hotels to recommend specific offers tailored to their location and will also include a booking platform to search for flights and hotel reservations when users select the dates and itinerary.

Although the project is still in its early stages, the company will continue to work hard and innovate to offer customers a more personalised service and experience, starting from the moment they visit the BlueBay Hotels website  right up until the end of their trip.


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