Christmas light


An Andalusian company is entrusted with lighting up half the world’s cities

Apart from gifts, Christmas carols and chocolates, if there’s anything that describes the festive season, it’s light. Thousands of light points of are turned on each year to load up on the Christmas spirit in city centre streets around the world.

Studies show that decorations in shopping street during the Christmas period encourage consumption and tourism, making street lights more of an indispensable investment than an expense.

And all of this is conceived and produced in the heart of Andalucia. In the Cordoba town of Puente Genil (30,000 inhabitants), the Iluminaciones Ximenez company lives in a never ending Christmas, and it has become the leading company of its kind in Europe and today corners 70% of the Spanish market.

Iluminaciones Ximenez is today present on four continents and lights up the streets of New York, Tokyo, London, among others. This year the company has installed 50 million points of light in Spain alone.

The company’s Christmas landmarks this year include Fifth Avenue in New York, Europe’s largest Christmas tree in Granada measuring 55 metres and the tunnel of light with music included in Malaga.


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