The cheapest way to travel ahead of carsharing and carpooling


Mobility in our country is changing with new and revolutionary travel initiatives emerging.

The DriiveMe website and app allows you to rent a car for just one euro and travel all over Europe for “free”.

New mobility platforms have revolutionised the way we see car rentals, and there are now more mobile apps than ever to help us move from A to B at the best possible price. Carsharing and carpooling have now become indispensable if we want to travel comfortably and cost-effectively, but there are better solutions out there at even lower prices.

Save with carpooling 

If you have your own car, you can register on platforms like Amovens and Blablacar to reduce fuel and toll costs. This is what’s known as carpooling or car-sharing.

With carpooling, drivers offer journeys with the departure point, destination and cost per passenger on these platforms or apps. This reduces each person’s travel costs considerably, but you also need to consider that the driver’s car has other expenses that in the long run would be charged from their account.

For short trips: carsharing platforms

Carsharing is a model of car rental where an unlimited number of users individually use a fleet of vehicles for a short period of time. It allows you to reduce the cost of travelling, but it has limitations in terms of space and time. Users also must pay the full rental price either by the hour or by the minute.

Some examples of carsharing platforms are Bluemove, which rents cars by the hour, and Eccocar, a new website dominating the p2p (peer-to-peer) carsharing market. As for renting by the minute, there are now companies like Emov, Car2go, WIBLE and ZITY operating fleets of vehicles in several cities around Spain, where you can enjoy an electric car with a single click for about €0.20 per minute.

The best option: travel for free

However, aside from carsharing and carpooling, there are other alternatives to travel even cheaper or even for free.

DriiveMe, the revolutionary platform that was launched in France offers car rentals at just €1 making it the cheapest way to travel. The cost of any rental on the company’s website or app is €1 and includes fully comprehensive insurance. Driiveme also allows users to share the remaining seats on the carsharing platforms mentioned above to make your journey virtually free.

The startup, which is revolutionising the way we travel by car, already has more than 50,000 users here in Spain and is continually adding more destination in Spain and other places in Europe.

How does DriiveMe work?

DriiveMe is a meeting point for rental agencies who want to balance their vehicle fleet and private users looking to rent a vehicle at a lower price. Brothers Alexandre and Geoffroy Lambert launched DriiveMe in France in 2012 and the third of the brothers, Constantin, took the service to Spain and Portugal in 2017.

The DriiveMe platform is available online and also has an IOS and Android app. Everything about it is the same as a standard car rental. The driver registers on the platform, chooses the vehicle and the date and time to collect it, and then once you’ve booked the route for the symbolic price of €1, all you have to do is pick up the vehicle, and pay the tolls (if any) and the fuel.

If the user can’t find an offer that fits their needs, they can set up a personalised alert, and they will be notified when the route is available on DriiveMe.



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