Long life to mobiles


Society is now more than used to mobiles. The frenzy of the first decade after they became all trendy and popular has given way to a more normalised coexistence, and even some people are fed up with the feeling that mobiles are taking too much control over their lives.

We’re also starting to see a shift back to basic phones as people only want something to make calls and send messages and offer some escape from the online world. Currently, about 2% of the market is for this type of phone, with the battery lasting several days compared with the 24 hours a smartphone’s battery usually lasts.

The financial situation, high prices of the most sought after terminals and a more practical mindset mean that nowadays the average lifespan of a telephone is more than 20 months when in 2013 it was 16 months. According to a study carried out by Rastreator, 37% of Spaniards now only change their phones when they need to.

The so-called Generation Y or ‘millennials’ (from 18 to 34 years old) is the demographic cohort with a greater predisposition towards renewing their terminals, and in 43% of the cases, they’d like to change their phones once a year, regardless of whether they need to or not.

The study also analysed brand loyalty, and in this case, 7 out of every 10 Spaniards said they have no attachment to any particular brand, although Millennials showed different data results with 32.2% of them sticking to a specific brand.


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