World’s Most Expensive Apps


There’s absolutely no logical explanation for the info we have for you today. No rhyme or reason… One iOS app (VIP Black) costs €999.99 and to “qualify” to buy it you have to prove your net worth is at or above 1 million pounds.

Before looking at some more outrageously expensive apps, let’s take a look at some data to put in context. 90,000 million apps were downloaded to phones in 2016. Developers received around $89 billion from advertising in their products, and Google and Apple received $15 billion in commission from the downloads. Experts say the mobile app market is set to reach $189 billion by 2020.

First up, the most expensive iOS apps, and remember that Apple limits the price of each app to €999.99.


Useful if you want to prepare for the bar exam in the US. It’s available to download for free, but it you want to use the entire syllabus you need to make in-app purchases to the tune of $999.99.


Useful for buffs and professional piano tuners.  If you want to update the software and have personalised phone and online support, subscription costs €999.99. It also includes an annual fee of €79.99 for access to all features continuously.


Allows remote access to a previously configured Windows or Mac computer from an iPhone or iPad. It also has a file manager for moving synchronised documents between devices. It costs €999.99.

Now let’s take a look at some of the Android apps that have a price limit of €350 at the Play Store.

Abu Moo Collection

Are you ready to answer these questions? “Do you want to buy an expensive app just because you can? Maybe you want to impress your poor friends?”. These are some of the blurbs from an app that’s really not worth anything. You just download and collect images of gemstones on your mobile and show them to whoever’s interested. Each image costs €350, and the entire collection is yours for just €2100.

Most Expensive App, I´m Rich, Certify yourself as rich…

The same as the Abu Moo Collection, useless.  Showing off for the sake of showing off, with absolutely no practical use.  All cost €350.

Atlas of Surgical Operations

A leading reference among surgeons. It costs €319 and offers all the information, images and data from the famous McGraw-Hill book of Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgical Operation.


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