Hammamet’s beaches: a natural treasure


If you’ve previously had the opportunity to enjoy the city of Hammamet in all its glory, now with the arrival of the good weather, it’s time to check out the coast and its fantastic beaches, which many consider a natural treasure. Hammamet and its magnificent northeast coast is just 60km from the capital, and although hotels mainly occupy the area around the beach, it’s still extremely beautiful.

When it comes to choosing the top beaches in the Gulf of Hammamet, there are four that you ‘must visit: Yasmine-Hammamet, Nabeul, Hergla and Sousse.

Yasmine beach

This is the most popular and touristic beach in the area, but it’s also the most beautiful. Its name comes from the traditional Jasmine flower, which can be seen everywhere in the magnificent gardens surrounding the wide beach.

Located south of the Gulf of Hammamet, it boasts an impressive marina with beautiful around the waterfront. The area is full of luxury hotels, bars and restaurants with plenty of terraces by the beach.

Its clear, warm waters make it the perfect beach for families with children as parents can enjoy all the comforts and services while the kids play at their leisure in the calm water.

Nabeul beach

Nabeul beach is north of the Gulf of Hammamet with its clear turquoise water and is much calmer than Yasmine. It’s also less crowded, making it ideal for a quiet, relaxing day. The range of services available is impressive with plenty of amenities to enjoy. Cape Bon lies south of the beach and offers spectacular views of the entire coastline

Sousse beach

The beach in Sousse, also known as the jewel of Sahel, has beautiful turquoise waters running along the long white sandy beach. You’ll also find a range of water sports clubs and excellent security and surveillance, which makes it the perfect spot for the more active visitors.

Hergla beach

Visitors to Hergla’s beach encounter a long stretch of beach south of Hammamet, next to Sousse. It’s ideal for families or couples to relax, plenty of services, the natural beauty of its clear water and fine white sand, all make it a comfortable, well-equipped beach.


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