40 years of Soles Repsol gastronomy to be celebrated in San Sebastián


The Repsol Suns (Soles Repsol) are one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year when it comes to Spanish national cuisine. Prizes are awarded each year, during the first few months, with this year marking the 40th anniversary of the awards.

One of the changes for the 40th anniversary Gala will be the location of the event itself. A new venue for the event and awards ceremony has been decided this week.

Alfredo Retortillo, the Councillor of the Minister of Tourism from the Department of Commerce, Consumption and Tourism of the Basque Country signed an agreement for the Repsol Suns Culinary Awards to be held in the Basque Country until 2021.

Retortillo signed off on an agreement for the Gala to be held in Tabakalera in Donostia-San Sebastián on February 25, 2019.

Award-winning chefs from this year’s edition and those recognised with 3 Suns in the Respol Suns Guide will attend the event. The Councillor announced that more than 300 of Spain’s leading chefs are expected to attend – “what will contribute to strengthening the capital of Gipuzkoa as an emblem of global gastronomy.”

Alta Cocina

New Basque cuisine was born in Donostia with entirely existing principles: recovering culinary traditions, the authenticity of the products and innovation.

The Councillor for Commerce, Consumption and Tourism, Alfredo Retortillo;  Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Tourism in San Sebastián, Ernesto Gasco,  Director of Communication of the Repsol Guide, Juan Navarro and the Director of the Repsol Guide, María Ritter were all present at the signing of the agreement, which ensure the Gala will be held in the Basque Country for the next three years.

During the presentation, Retortillo drew attention to the fact that “enogastronomy is one of the most recognised attractions among those who visit the Basque Country. Our commitment mainly has an impact on a diversified offer because it’s the best way to promote sustainable tourism, but we’re also open to promoting events like this that gives a special shine and external promotion to our strongest values.” The Councillor pointed out that the Department of Tourism has also ensured that the 11th International Wine Tourism Conference will be held in Vitoria and Rioja Alavesa in March.

The Repsol Guide, a reference publication on local gastronomy in Spain, will celebrate its 40th anniversary at the Gala in San Sebastián.


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