Lights, cameras, action!: Luxembourg


Cinephiles take note! The city’s film library is well worth a visit and showcases movies daily

Luxembourg’s Cinematheque is a must visit for cinema lovers who visit the city. Located in the heart of the city, this building from 1925 with its impressive stained-glass window is home to much more than cinema. In fact, its primary goal is to preserve and enhance the value of international film heritage.

With this aim in mind, the film library not only shows two movies a day, moving from the more classic to the most contemporary, it also organises monographic retrospectives, specialised film seasons, conferences focusing on cinema, debates, round tables, film screening, concerts and many other events. And it’s also quite common to find events for younger or elderly audiences on offer.

In addition to its comprehensive programme, it also one of the few remaining film houses with traditional, time honoured, red velvet seating, and pictures and posters of classic films decorating the walls. The film library is a must visit for film buffs and moviegoers alike.

The film library has been a member of the International Federation of Film Archives since 1983 and also campaigns to make the world of cinema more accessible to everyone. Prices for a single ticket usually cost less than four euros, and there are vouchers for ten movies for 25 euros, making even cheaper still. And prices are reduced even further for minors, students and the over 65s.

Just a five-minute walk from the Le Royal Luxembourg Hotel*****, one of its most exciting projects is the “Université Populaire du Cinéma” (the People’s University of Cinema) which was created in association with the University of Luxembourg and examines the same film theme from many perspectives from October to July. The current season, entitled “Du geste au mythe” is centred on the figure of the actor. So, with major films being shown, clips of others less known, educational material and meetings covering this theme from many perspectives it’s perfect for first-timers and those more knowledgeable in the matter.

A perfect day in Luxembourg begins with a great breakfast in Amelys at the Le Royal Luxembourg Hotel*****, then a good long stroll around the city centre to discover all the best spots, and to finish the day, a good movie session at the film library.


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