Mosaik4 commemorates the Last Supper


The international restaurant Mosaik4, will recreate the Last Supper of Jesus on Holy Thursday April 2nd.

What would the Last Supper in the XXI century be like? Would Jesus be a gourmet easy or hard to pleas? Would food be local or exotic?

The Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples is possibly the best known gastronomic event in history. Mosaik4 reopens this season with a renewed concept of international cuisine and has recreated this famous biblical episode with a special menu based on dishes that were served that day.

Mosaik4 chef and his team have been documented creating a special menu including matzah (unleavened) with black olive tapenade; a salad from bitter herbs, symbolizing life; mackerel in pickeled sage sauce; shank from pascual lamb at low temperature with paprika and honey, essential plate and symbol of Easter; and for dessert – almond baba.

The avant-garde reality, the Mosaik4 team and peculiarities of the restaurant on this event are at the service of the symbols and evocative ingredients. For only 50 euros per person, guests will have the opportunity to taste and relive the famous meeting of Jesus and his apostles in the middle of Holy Week.

Mosaik4, located at the entrance of Puerto Banus in Avenida Manolete, is a restaurant with international cuisine inspired by a broad mosaic of cultures. Mosaik4 is spacious and offers different areas, both indoors and outdoors. From an Arab jaima to an elegant living room, all spaces give a special and distinctive touch to dinners and events. It also boasts a spectacular sky bar to enjoy the summer evenings with a good drink and chill-out music.

Mosaik4 is part of Bluebay Gourmet, a restaurant group of international cuisine, established in Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America and Middle East. At present, Bluebay Gourmet has five restaurants in Puerto Banus: Aretusa, Italian and international cuisine in the first line of Puerto Banús; Carpaccio, authentic Italian cuisine also by the sea, awarded in 2014 the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence; Black & White, a trendy international restaurant at Benebola Pier; Mosaik4 and the newly opened seafood restaurant La Marina, next to the Benabola lighthouse.


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