New high-end vehicles for 2017


We bring you the lowdown on the most exclusive and innovative models from the world’s leading car manufacturers that are set to arrive in the coming months.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The Italian car manufacturer has 5000 million euros to develop new models and reconquer the market. The Stelvio is hoping to do just that; it’s the first SUV from Alfa Romeo to follow in the footsteps of the spectacular sports design of the Giulia.

Jaguar E-pace

One of the brand’s most ambitious projects to date. A 100% electric SUV but with a slightly smaller interior than the Jaguar F-Pace. Developed in Austrian factories, this one looks promising and set to be a milestone in the history of the British firm.

Lamborghini Urus

Another SUV, but this time we’re looking at a vehicle with nothing less than 600CV, four-wheel drive and ambitious sales expectations. The company is hoping to sell more than 3000 units a year. Quite a challenge for the brand that flies under the Taurus sign.

Rolls Royce Phantom

The new generation of the iconic Phantom will display significant changes in both the mechanics and chassis configuration. This technological and luxury prodigy will be manufactured in aluminium and carbon fibre, reducing the weight considerably, and the engine will be an impressive full range V12 full range, in other words, a rocket.

Mercedes GLC F-Cell

The German brand has confirmed before the press that the hydrogen fuel cell technology is now ready to be introduced in its vehicles. The first one to experiment this clean propulsion will be the magnificent GLC F-Cell, making it a whole new technical innovation in vehicles of this market segment.


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