Waves… ¡and action!


Cameras with high strength and angle lenses have become essential to record all water activity and practising extreme sports

A few months ago they seemed gadgets taken from another planet. Now they are more than common among those who can not miss recording their emotions and experiences on a surfboard, on skis or while watching spectacular scenery.

The so-called “action cameras” came into use among professional surfers. In fact, the first model was invented by a professional in this sport. But its success was such that its use has transcended the adventure. Admittedly, most of the recordings are related to sports, to the risk or the sea.

Waterproof cases, inserts that prevent lens from fogging, tethers, bases that prevent cameras from sinking … even brackets designed precisely to fit surfboards. All this, combined with their easy handling, low weight and long battery life have made them a new accessory to practice kayaking, paddle-surf or sailing.

Not to forget that these cameras have angular lenses which allow you to record more visual space and not miss any detail.

Have you already dared to try them out? They are essential in water activities during the holidays! They could be the perfect addition, for example, to immortalize all the fun sports available at the hotel BlueBay Puntarena Playa Caleta**** (Cuba), under the concept BeachFun4Life.

Nevertheless, we must never forget the security that is above recording images at all costs. Always use approved and appropriate accessories for every activity, do not endanger your health and avoid injury.


  • Weight: Between 65 and 120 grams depending on model and brand.
  • Highly resistant to water, shock and dust
  • Submersible to 60 meters
  • Handling several hours of HD recording
  • Long battery life
  • Many Accessories: Cases, straps and harnesses, handlebars, clamps and spare batteries
  • Best brands: GoPro, HTC Re, Sony Action Cam, Polaroid Cube.

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