Oman, World Heritage Site


The country offers four special sites recognized by UNESCO and destinations of tourist visits

Oman is not only known for its beaches, but for many other enclaves where culture, history and tradition come together. Among them, four sites recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

  1. In the north of the country, in Ad Dhahirah, the archaeological sites of Bat, Al-Kutmy and Al-Ayn are world´s most comprehensive set of human settlements and necropolis of the third millennium.
  1. Not far from these sites is Fort of Bahla, another World Heritage Site. It is a fortification of walls and towers of unbaked bricks with stone foundations.
  1. Irrigation systems, or Aflaj, dating back to the year 500 and allow, thanks to gravity, water to flow through underground layers, destining it to the irrigation channels or for domestic uses. These systems also have watchtowers to defend the Aflaj, which highlights the great importance of water for communities.
  1. Finally, the Frankincense Trail is itself, another World Heritage Site. It is located in Dhofar, near Salalah and the hotel BlueBay Salalah**** and is one of the most important areas of the world production of incense. It was a dominant economic activity in the country in antiquity and the Middle Ages.

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