This winter, protect your skin from the cold weather


Do not trust this cold weather: low temperatures are here and we must protect our skin from its effects.

We are pretty sure you already took out from your closet your jackets, scarves and woolen hats… But, have you renewed your skin kit? Your skin has very different needs depending on the season. And on winter you need more hydration, nutrition and protection (against both sunlight and environmental agents).

So, it is time to opt for creams with richer and denser textures; in fact, it is what many skins are claiming. But also light textures creams that penetrate deeply into the skin with concentrated formulas. Whatever your condition, problem or need, from LookOut Magazine we suggest providing special care to your face this winter and highlight three star products to survive the coldest temperatures of the year.

SENSILIS: The Perfect serum. It applied after cleansing and toning the skin, and before treatment cream, serums offer a true concentrate of nutrients. The serums of Sensilis are the perfect complement to provide all the nutrients and supplements your face needs to survive the rigors of winter. Sensilis advanced technology offers multiple serums for each type of skin (hydration and oxygenation, firmness and luminosity) with rich and effective formulas.

OCEANYX: The essence of the ocean. In winter due to low temperatures, the skin gets less oxygen and nutrients. Thus, the skin looks dull and dehydrated. For this reason, now more than ever, it is important to bring you a daily dose of essential moisture to keep your skin healthy. Serum Celular Platino Hidratante from Oceanyx is a real source of hydration thanks to a high percentage of hyaluronic acid, 60% complemented with seaweed extracts to maintain your skin integrity, health and beauty.

AINHOA EXIGENCE: A new dimension for the most demanding skins. Inspired by the ability of the skin to rebuild and renew by itself, Ainhoa Exigence presents a range of anti-aging skin care specifically for skin with wrinkles. The passage of time and external aggressions cause changes in the skin structure that cause wrinkles. Exigence acts with utmost precision to repair from the inside and restore youth to face.


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