What are you planning on wearing during your next summer holidays?


Even though spring has only recently sprung, we’re sure you’re already considering where you’d like to travel this summer. Even if you’re not a fashion victim, we know you’d like to look great and leave your hotel dressed to kill.

Let’s take a look at some popular options this summer:

For her:

  • Opposite colours: opposites attract, with this rule also applying to fashion this summer. Black and white; blue and orange; green and red; or yellow and violet are just some combinations you could opt for. Everything goes for summer 2019.


  • PVC: as ironic as it may seem, when everyone is trying to eliminate plastics from their day-to-day life, fashion is trying to incorporate it. PVC is mainly used in bags and accessories, such as bum bags. It is also used in certain high heel shoes and visors.


  • Total looks: another option is to dress head-to-toe in the same colour. If you’ve always wanted to be ‘the woman in red’, summer 2019 is your chance to turn heads.


  • Suits for him, also for her: bright colours are ‘in’ for both men and women. Shorts and tight, printed jackets. There’s room for everything in the two-piece suits that will be all the rage this summer.


  • T-shirts bearing a message: this is a classic, rather than a modern trend. T-shirts bearing a positive message are due to remain a popular choice this summer. Some messages can also be displayed on accessories.


  • Patchwork: Whether you love it or hate it, you’re going to see it everywhere this summer. The combination of different fabrics and prints is back in fashion, culminating in contrast-heavy garments. Polka dots with flowers? Absolutely, why not?


For him:


  • Baggy silhouettes: for men, this summer, fashion brands are opting for slouchy silhouettes and straight-cut trousers. Baggy t-shirts, slouchy shirts. To avoid the ‘sack effect’, you should buy products with fitted shoulders, or be sure to tuck your shirt in.


  • Straight-cut, striped or oversized long-sleeve shirts of fluid fabrics, mixed with elbow-length sleeve shirts.



  • Classic jeans (for him): Straight cut, half-washed. A very safe bet.


  • Straight-cut linen trousers: this summer, loose-fit items are due to reclaim their crown.


  • Shorts: fashion labels are opting for shorts that sit well above the knee. Suited to adventurous individuals.


  • Natural colours: whites, bluey-greys, toasted colours, greens, oranges and reds.



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