Six Spanish destinations where romance is practically guaranteed


We’re sure – so sure we’d put money on it – that any time you’ve been single and considering a trip or a summer holiday, you’ve wondered, “what’s the best destination for a summer romance?” We collated the results of a survey (conducted by a well-known condom brand) that posed this very question: these are the Spanish cities where you can make your summer holiday even more unforgettable than usual…

1/ Madrid

Spain’s capital tops the poll as city of choice for a summer fling. According to the survey, 39% of those answering the question said Madrid was the place you’re most likely to find no-strings-attached romance. It’s worth mentioning that in this survey, among respondents who come from Madrid itself, 72% voted for their own city!

2/ Barcelona

Silver medal in the ranking goes to Barcelona, picked by 29% of those surveyed. Like Madrid, it has all the essential ingredients for late-night forays in the summertime: a huge population, friendly people, endless discos and bars – plus sun, sea and sand. There are even specific nightspots and clubs, such as Razzmatazz and Mongays that were singled out as “great places to hook up”.

3/ Ibiza

There was no way the Balearic Island was going to be left out of this ranking. Ibiza is famous for its nightlife and party scene, with some of the hottest clubs in Europe. It’s one of the top destinations for singles in Spain, especially among those between 20 and 30 years old.

4/ Valencia

In this case, age is a major influence on the results: Valencia is one of the top destinations for younger travellers on their summer holidays. Part of its success is down to affordable prices, especially where transport is concerned – while the city’s nightlife is another big factor.

5/ Salamanca

It might not be the ideal city for a summer tryst – we had to make an exception, because its name did appear in the survey — but it’s the ideal place to hook up at any other time of year, especially for singles in their twenties. As a famous university town, it offers plenty of chances to meet new people. Not everybody goes to Salamanca to bury their heads in the books.

6/ The Camino de Santiago

You’ll find a different age group – and a different kind of holiday – on Spain’s most famous pilgrimage route, the Camino de Santiago, an 800 km walking trail across the north of the country, which takes four to six weeks to complete. They say the camaraderie of the Camino not only gives rise to lasting friendships, but great love stories too. A spiritual pilgrimage doesn’t have to exclude romance. The long hours spent tramping the roads, getting to know your travelling companions, make a great basis for a new relationship.


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