Temazcal, a spa that heals the soul


In times of spas and hydro-massages, this kind of millennial spa harvests a crows of supporters in Mexico, both natives and tourists from all over the world

It stimulates circulation, increases heart rate and produces an introspection, like an encounter with oneself.

Along with the prehispanic ruins or in one of the hotels belonging to BlueBay Hotels & Resorts group, the Mexican tradition of Temazcal, steam baths symbolizing gestation in the womb, is still alive and harvesting crowd of supporters in Mexico and the world.

The original use of the practice of Temazcal, whose oldest traces have been found in archaeological sites in the state of Chiapas, in Guatemala and El Salvador, was spiritual and religious; although there are many praising its physiological benefits. Muscle tension, insomnia, liver and circulatory problems and acne are some of the ailments that this therapy helps to improve. In addition, advocates for the Temazcal ritual point out the possibilities to restore conscious communication with nature, characteristic of indigenous medicine.

These steam baths are taken in groups or individually. In igloo-shaped rooms called “toritos,” representing the womb of Mother Earth. It is her and her four elements: earth, water, air and fire, whom the Aztecs gave thanks in the first ritual of Temazcal. The ceremony aims at establishing gratitude and fraternal ties with the four elements of the cosmos through stones, heat, darkness and steam which, during the ritual, amounts to dimensions only perceivable, according to shamans, for the mind.

To experience a Temazcal ritual symbolizes a before and after in the person who receives it, whether physical, mental or spiritual; and practicing it, even following the same pattern each time, is always a new experience.


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