UGG unveils californian flair


The iconic brand celebrates its heritage with a colourful line-up of eclectic Californian names

Californian brand UGG launches a global marketing campaign for spring-summer 2017 inspired by its heritage. Entitled “Real”, the new campaign presents a group of true to life Californians whose lives portray the brand’s diversity, spirit and values: artists, musicians, surfers, creatives and eccentrics who are all considered free-spirited, sensual and optimistic forward-looking movers and shakers.

UGG tribe

Inspired by California’s beaches, mountains and iconic architecture, the campaign reveals the history of 11 quirky characters that individually and collectively represent the brand’s spirit. The line-up includes:

  • Tasya van Ree: American artist and photographer, who cites Sally Mann and Francesca Woodman as inspiration. Her work explores the relation between fashion and identity from a romantic and intimate perspective.
  • Warm Brew: LA rappers Ray Wright, Manu Li and Serk Spliff. The group use rap to speak about their unmistakable West Coast roots and promote authenticity in the face of hypocrisy.
  • Hanalei Reponty: Born in French Polynesia, she learned to swim before she could walk. With a successful career as a professional surfer, she now splits her time between surfing and her successful brand of surfwear.
  • Sakae Patrick: Swedish-Japanese surfer born in San Francisco and raised in Japan. He spent years travelling the globe as a competition surfer living in Hawaii, Australia and Indonesia, and is now based in California.
  • Aleali May: This fashion blogger’s style is a cool mix of street grunge and vogue. She personalises the strong, independent West Coast woman with tremendous creative energy.
  • Colleen Heidemann: She has spent her entire life travelling the globe, Bangkok, New York, London, Paris, you name it, and she’s been there. She’s now living in South Carolina and devotes her time to combatting prejudice against age.
  • Yasmina Jones: Singer and songwriter, she spends her time between homemade desserts in Joshua Tree and an old fishing boat at Venice Beach and constantly challenging the status quo with her lifestyle.
  • Haden McKenna: born and raised in Venice, he’s spent most of his life surfing and skating in LA. Haden has a casual, laid-back style and is a regular at the historic skate park at Venice Beach.
  • Daniel Hivner: raised in Long Beach, Daniel finds balance and peace of mind in surfing, skating, snowboarding and martial arts. He’s a thrill seeking adventurer type and knows only too well how to enjoy freedom and life.

Under the creative direction of Jess Wells, the UGG campaign was directed by the Brazilian videographer Kauai Moliterno who lives in California, photographer Frederic Auerbach, the styling of costume design director Kate Ruth and Gio Campora as the hair stylist.

“The 2017 campaign celebrates the diversity and spirit of the Californian lifestyle,” says Andrea O´Donnell, President of UGG. “The UGG® tribe is an eclectic group that represents our values and our tradition. By telling their story, we tell ours”.


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