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Lanzarote is a manufacturer of a unique variety in the world due to its cultivation in areas of volcanic black sand. White wine produced in volcanic black soil.

Anyone could say it’s unthinkable. But the truth is that Lanzarote is a specialist in this exquisite wine, coming from volcanic sand which barely receives rainfall. The characteristic grape of the island is called Malvasia and it has adapted to the environment excellently over the years. It is grown mainly in the area of La Geria, in the center of the island and Protected Natural Area in a Biosphere Reserve. This grape is very small and has learned to live with little water due to low rainfall. Instead, it takes advantage of the cool of the morning, its lengthy roots and the fertile soil that is about 10 feet deep. All this helped by the audacity of the growers who dig holes in the ground where the grape is planted, creating stone walls that shelter it from the wind.

In the first layer it is the volcanic soil that abounds. The great eruption of the eighteenth century left unused most of the land on the island, a fact that has not prevented it from being usefully exploited. Currently, the black sand serves as thermal regulator and preserver of internal moisture in crops.

So, Lanzarote becomes sole producer of a golden white wine “of high quality for its balance, flavor and perfume” and adds to the attractivity of the island that are its beaches and natural landscapes. Are you ready to make a tour of its most prestigious wineries? It is a plan to consider if you want a holiday of contrasts and complement your stay at BlueBay Lanzarote*** (Costa Teguise) or BelleVue Aquarius ***(Puerto del Carmen) with different activities. The wineries are only a 15 or 20 minute drive from Costa Teguise, Arrecife or Puerto del Carmen.

Among the most important are Bodegas Stratvs, Bodegas La Geria, Bodegas Tierra de Volcanes and Bodegas Rubicón, all in the municipality of Yaiza; Bodegas Bermejo and Bodegas La Florida, in San Bartolomé; and Bodegas Barreto and Bodegas Martinón in Tías. They all offer guided tours and several organize tasting courses and lunches at their facilities. You can even enjoy a stroll through the vineyards in many of them to discover this unique Lanzarote wine.


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