Mercedes-Maybach 6, a work of art


No, it’s not Allan Quatermain’s (Sean Connery) car in “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, nor some ingenious device that emerged from a steampunk fans convention. This is the German company’s new vision of the so called aero coupes with a whopping 750hp and zero emissions.

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 is full-on baroque style motoring taken directly from the tradition of futuristic retro coupes of the pre-WWII era. The design is like something out of a Batman comic, blending classic contours from the 1960s with today’s most cutting-edge technology. Perfect for Bruce Wayne himself, the car boasts a fully electric propulsion system, with output rated at a stunning 750bhp, and emission-free driving.

The car’s contours are simply stunning. A luxury-class coupe, reaching almost 6m in length, the 2 +2 seater plays homage to the glorious age of the aero coupes and consciously carries this tradition forward into the future. Mercedes-Maybach doesn’t hold back on anything with this fast paced model, with a never-ending bonnet and a driving position set quite far back, the roof drop to the rear of the car, exemplifying aerodynamic intelligence.

As you can imagine, interior and exterior luxury are taken care of by engineers from the Maybach company, which is part of the Mercedes-Benz group. Aluminium diffusers, exhaust outlets hidden behind the wheel arches, special Maybach red paintwork, 24-inch wheels with a red glazed surface, gullwing doors and smart LED light settings are just a few of this luxury car’s features.

Don’t waste your time looking for the mirrors or anything that could spoil the beautified exterior contours as they have been replaced by a sophisticated camera system, providing classic viewing angles for driving and a real-time virtual environment to offer the driver greater spatial information.

On the inside, they have chosen to surround the passengers with top of the range futuristic materials and textile innovations. The multimedia system is on a par with the USS Enterprise, all the infotainment and navigation information is fully integrated into the dashboard, and the front windscreen also acts as a transparent display. One of the highlights is the floating centre tunnel, displaying the evolution of the electrical power in real-time with an interface straight out of a science fiction novel.

The car has two charging points, front and rear, and much like the Rolls Royce, conceals a set of specially designed accessories, with multiple spaces for accessories and gadgets. From the word go, the car was conceived to be an all-electric powertrain, in addition to coming with a Telsa styled independent circulation system. Its 750hp is divided into four compact synchronous electric motors positioned in each one of the car’s wheels to provide an authentic all-wheel drive.

Vision accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in less than four seconds, and top speed is electronically limited to 250km/h. It has a range of about 500km, and the batteries can be charged using normal power outlets or wirelessly via an electromagnetic field. The German engineers have also developed a fast charging system, which means you can add an extra 100km of range in just 5 minutes. Autonomous driving tech is also fitted. And the price, well, for the moment, it’s still a mystery.


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