Varadero a sure hit


Its coral beaches are the top destination choice of the Cuban Caribbean. 

Walking on the beautiful beaches of Varadero is much more than walking on sand. It is enjoying the feeling of stepping on what used to be coral, delighting yourself with smooth pristine white beaches that greet warm, intense turquoise waters. It is the grand reason why the beaches of Varadero are the most chosen destination of the Cuban Caribbean.

Varadero is, with no margin for error, a sure hit. Varadero Beach is considered the emblem of Cuba, the standard of the beaches. 20 kilometers long, this beach is the most popular holiday destination in the country. Its waters are calm and have an average annual temperature of between 24 and 26 degrees. Obviously, its 20 kilometers go far and you can find all you want there. The BelleVue Puntarena Playa Caleta**** has access to this popular beach where, as in the hotel, sports and water activities are the order of the day.

The aforementioned is followed by Playa Mayor, the next longest beach. With more than 11 kilometers of length, it widens as it goes east where it fragments into small beaches, many of them private. However, if what are after is quiet and serenity rather than great beaches, there is the much calmer Playa Karabelas, east of the peninsula. Playa Girón, east of the Bay of Pigs, is yet another beach to enjoy the serenity and nature. In fact, it is a stop of the many hiking and ecotourism excursions in the area. Scuba diving and snorkeling are the order of the day on this beach where bathers spend the day practicing in its crystal waters. North of Playa Giron is Playa Larga. It stands out for its pristine appearance and for having a native vegetation. It is one of the most beautiful beaches, with local atmosphere and pleasant temperatures for swimming throughout the year.


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