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This city, located in the Spanish region of Castellón, openly promotes wellness and active tourism. As such, its visitors can enjoy a healthy getaway all year-round

‘Benicàssim Saludable’ (‘Healthy Benicàssim’, in English), with its innovative health and wellness project, offers different outdoor activities to the city’s visitors, such as its Premium Running programme and various cycle tourism routes, which can be combined with diverse ‘healthy’ programmes and a carefully-considered selection of healthy meals. The Castellón city offers multiple cycle routes that allow tourists to discover all parts of Benicàssim.

‘Mens sana in corpore sano’. This concise phrase, which immortalised Roman poet Décimo Junio Juvenal in the first century AD, is the best reflection of the new tourism philosophy proposed by the Castellón city of Benicàssim for the year 2020. This represents a different type of holiday or weekend getaway, in which body and mind reach a magical fusion on the shores of the Mediterranean.

This commitment to health and wellness tourism is also evident on its Benicassim Experiences website. The cycle routes—one of the many activities offered on the website—are a great and healthy way to explore the city.

Benicàssim and its coastline

Even though Benicàssim is a small and easily walkable city, it’s also a fantastic cycling destination. Starting in El Grao de Castellón, you can cycle along a path that passes by each of the city’s beaches from south to north. The route begins at Playa de Heliópolis, where a cycle track runs alongside its beachfront promenade. Playa Els Terrers, one of the city’s most peaceful beaches, is located nearby, with this being one of the best places to watch the sun go down. The next stop along the route is Playa de Torre San Vicente, named after its defence tower, which dates back to the 16th century.

The cycle tourism route passes by two more beaches: Playa de Almadrava and Playa de Voramar. Both beaches offer magnificent views over the sea, the mountain and the iconic villas of the Pilar Coloma beachfront promenade, which holds the ‘Benicàssim Belle Époque’ in September.

Desert de les Palmes Nature Reserve

During your time in Benicàssim, you simply must find the time to head up to the Desert de les Palmes viewpoint. This spot offers a view of the entire city and its beaches. On clear days, it’s even possible to make out the Columbretes Islands. If you’re planning on visiting the city between August 11-13, the Desert de les Palmes viewpoint is the perfect place to catch a glimpse of the Tears of San Lorenzo. However, we recommend arriving early to reserve your spot.

Besides its viewpoint, the Desert de les Palmes is a fantastic natural area with various trails that can be covered at all times of year, making it an excellent alternative to the beach for those looking to do some physical exercise and enjoy the great outdoors.

Green Route

The best photo opportunity found anywhere along Benicàssim’s cycle route is located at the start of the Vía Verde del Mar [Sea Green Route] on an old railway line, just above the Hotel Voramar. From here, a downward slope allows you to make out all of Benicàssim’s beaches at once, in addition to some beaches of the Castellón coastline. The beautiful juxtaposition of the sea and the city’s skyline is simply instagrammable.

This marks the beginning of a 6km cycle route, where you can enjoy the local flora and fauna and soak up some magnificent sea views. The route also passes by several small coves and various watchtowers.


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