Put on your armour and get ready to experience a medieval adventure in Provins


Guaranteed family fun and an exciting adventure through the ages just one hour by car from Paris, where knights and maidens are reunited at one of the largest medieval festivals in Europe, the Medieval Festival of Provins.


Provins, in the French Champagne region, has been dressing up each year since 1984 to welcome fans and lovers of the Middle Ages. You’ll find exciting shows, historical re-enactments, horse fights, dances, troubadours and jesters, medieval-style banquets and an epic parade.












Dress for the occasion!

You can buy a variety of elements to add your attire such as helmets, belts, capes, jewellery, leather goods and crafts. The festival even has medieval ice cream, snacks and bread.


If you’ve even thought about dressing up as a Knight Templar, now’s your chance, and tickets are cheaper for people who come in medieval costumes. Children can also enjoy themselves with medieval activities and games like hopscotch, bowling and battles with wooden swords. Mark it on your calendar this June and visit the festival’s profile here.



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