Dubai, the record-breaking country


The emirate plans to build the largest mall in the world they have dubbed “Mall of the World,” a name that speaks for itself

It’s not just a matter of imagination to think of Dubai as a place where luxury and grandeur prevail. It is a reality that the city is synonymous to speaking in capital letters.

Once again, Dubai wants to break all records that it already holds with the presentation of “Mall of the World,” its most ambitious project that aims to build by 2020 a large domed commercial city with temperature control.

Living constantly at 22 degrees is one of the great attractions of this city, especially when outside the temperature will exceed 40. The heat will no longer be a problem with streets covered during the summer and open during the winter, which “guarantees pleasant temperature all year round,” says Dubai Holding, author of the project.

“Mall of the World” will occupy an area of over 4,450,000 square meters and will house a large urban mall with top brands, some 80 hotels, luxury apartments, an amusement park, a cultural center and other developments, such as a neighborhood dedicated exclusively to medical tourism.

Specialized surgery, cosmetic treatments and high-level wellness play a prominent role in the project, making it one of the most distinct innovations.

However, Dubai also holds the current record for housing the largest mall in the world, “Dubai Mall,” which features an aquarium with over 30,000 living species and an ice rink, aside from dozens of luxury boutiques.


It could be no less. The largest building in the world is yet another jewel in the crown of the city of Dubai. The Burj Khalifa is 838 meters high and exceeds more than twice the height of the Empire State Building in New York.

Artificial islands of the city also top any ranking of islands of their kind. “The World” consists of 300 islands that make up a world map off the coast of Dubai and feature luxury residences.

Meanwhile, “Palm Island” hosts the most residential complexes, hotels and entertainment areas in a palm-shaped group of islands. A challenge to nature with an air of grandness.


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