44% Spaniards still have not decided where they will go on holiday


HomeAway, an expert vacation rental global platform, has developed a study that analyzes the main trends and preferences of Spanish and European users of HomeAway when it comes to travel in 2018. According to its main conclusions, 44% of the Spanish respondents still have not decided where they will go on vacation. This figure contrasts with the behavior of its European neighbors (Germans, English and French) who book their holidays in February.


They want to travel, and travel more

It should be noted that 47% of participants have planned to travel for leisure between 2 and 3 times in 2018, two points more than in 2017 (45%) and 16% of them will do so up to 4 times. In addition, more than half will try to extend their vacations by matching them with bridges and holidays.

Holidays in neighboring countries

In terms of international destinations, Portugal (9%), France (8%) and Italy (5%) are the main European countries chosen to travel in 2018. These countries are also the most valued by respondents to travel as a family. The aspects that most value these destinations are the hospitality of their people (41% of those consulted believe it), the landscape, ideal for children since they can explore and live outdoor adventures (38%), and for the great tolerance towards the smallest of the house (26%).


Morocco, another neighboring destination, sneaks into the list of chosen sites as it is the country that will visit 100% of those who will travel to Africa this 2018.


Spain the Family Friendly destination for Europeans

Spain is the most family friendly destination according to the European users of HomeAway. Italians (35%), Swedes (42%), French (23%), Portuguese (24%) and English (21%), consider it the best destination to enjoy as a family.


The couple, the best companion

In relation to the traveling companions we chose, 72% of the respondents plan to make the main trip of 2018 with their partner; 67% will do it with their family and 15% with friends. Despite these data, respondents do not rule out traveling in a group (with other people besides the direct family), since 59% have enjoyed or plan to enjoy their group vacations and 22% will travel in groups in 2018.

Freedom and privacy: advantages of a tourist house

82% of the respondents think that tourist housing is the most suitable type of accommodation to enjoy the main holidays. The advantages that respondents find with respect to other types of accommodation are: flexibility to use the day as they wish (73%), being able to cook their own meals (66%), privacy and intimacy offered by the lodging (56%) or the price (52%).

The apartments are the type of tourist accommodation preferred by the majority of Spanish users consulted (53%) and the rural house, chosen by 36% of the respondents.

The size, appearance or look & feel of the house, the location, the price, the fact of having the own bed and that is adapted to children are the most important factors to take into account when choosing a holiday home.


Being connected: a priority

When it comes to pointing out the services and facilities that a holiday home should have, 72% of respondents have it clear: connection to wifi. The washing machine (66%), a large and fully equipped kitchen (64%), as well as basic products (bath products, toilet paper, towels, bedding, etc.) (64%) or cable or satellite television (42%), are other priorities for the travelers consulted.


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