The best incense in the world


Oman is a land of this sacred tree with thousands of years of history and one of the leading producers in the world

Gold, frankincense and myrrh. The three wise men brought and baby Jesus an offering of this resin which, when burned, emits a nice smell. It is said that it originates from Oman.

And no wonder since this country, and more specifically, the province of Dhofar Salalah and its capital, is the main producer of what is considered the best incense in the world. Some time ago, it came to export 3,000 tons a year but now other regions such as China or India have exceeded its production. Not in terms of quality though, as the Omani frankincense is still considered the best in the world.

For more than 2000 years, the trees of frankincense, boswellia sacra, have been growing in the desert landscapes of Dhofar. Its harvest is done by hand in spring time. With small slits on the trunk and branches, the bark is removed so that the resin comes out and coagulates in contact with air. Worthless as it contains many impurities, the best quality incense doesn’t come until the third cut a few weeks later. A very meticuous process to get this special resin almost all faiths have used.

Without it being the harvest time, the flavorings shed by these trees are also appreciated in nearby villages and are a source of attraction for visitors attracted by the history of this sacred tree. Soon you’ll be able to discover it from BlueBay Salalah****, the first opening of BlueBay Group in Oman.


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