Iberia, the only Spanish airline with free Wi-Fi on board


The use of mobile devices during flight was unthinkable until recently. It is a breakthrough that airlines are slowly adding to their offer. Iberia is now the only Spanish company that offers this service. Vueling and Air Europa will be joining it soon.

Many airlines now allow passengers to check emails, connect to their social profiles or chat in order to make their flying experience more satisfying. According to a report by eDreams, few do so for free and those that charge, set the price between 4.90 euros and 19 euros.

Those traveling in Business class need not worry about this issue if they choose Aer Lingus or Turkish Airlines, but those who do not, have to hire the service. Some have launched monthly bonuses for the most frequent travelers, among them American Airlines for 39.95 dollars (36.46 euros). Air Berlin is the only one offering packs of half an hour and they do so at 4.90 euros. For a little more you can enjoy an hour of wifi with Air Canada and United (5 euros). The service is free if you travel in business class with Aer Lingus or Turkish Airlines; British Airlines and SAS are more expensive (8 euros / hour) but Aer Lingus (10.95 euros), Lufthansa (9 euros) and Air Berlin (8.90 euros) top the list. American Airlines offer packs of 2 and 4 hours for 12 dollars (10.9 euros) and 17 dollars (15.5 euros), respectively, a similar price to that established by Lufthansa (14 euros for every four hours of connection). Air Berlin has designed another formula for those who don’t want limits: tariffs for flights on medium (13.90 euros) and long distance (18.90 euros). There are also daily rates at Air Canada, United and American Airlines at 14 dollars (12.7 euros), British Airlines at 15 pounds (21.3 euros), Lufthansa (17 euros) or Aer Lingus (19.95 euros) and monthly rates, for instance in Air Canada for 49.95 dollars (45.6 euros) or the already mentioned American Airlines. Other airlines have opted for tariffs according to megabytes. Such is the case of Aeroflot, in which 3 MB cost 8 dollars (7.3 euros), Iberia (4MB / 4.95 euros or 22MB / 19.95 euros) and TAP Portugal (4MB / 6 euros).


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