Tunisian pearl of the Mediterranean


Hammamet has become in recent years one of the favorite destinations in the Mediterranean basin for tourists from all over the world. It has combined with wisdom the aroma and taste of its ancestral culture with a frankly enviable offer of sun and beach.

Hammamet and its coastline is to Tunisia what Marbella is for the Spanish Costa del Sol, Saint Tropez for the French Riviera or Capri for Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Just 60 kilometers south of the capital, the town has managed to become a charming and beautiful coastal enclave in which its white architecture creates an almost blinding contrast to the deep blue sea, drawing pictures of beauty capable of transporting visitors to another time …

The city is full of evocative corners that will delight travelers most experienced in Arabic aromas and prints. Without a doubt the best time to wander through its streets is at sundown, at which time the cafes are filled with local people and the streets begin to pulse with its most genuine throb. Within the city we recommend approaching the Hafsí medina, full of narrow streets dotted with antique shops and Arab Baths, as well as traipsing Habib Bourguiba Avenue and la République, an alley in which shops, restaurants and major banks are concentrated in the city. Indispensable are visits to the Great Mosque, the Mosque of Sidi Abdel Kader and the former Kasba from fifteenth century, next to the main gate of the medina.

But what makes Hammamet one of the most important gemstones in the Mediterranean crown is its offer of sun and beach. The city has two distinct resort areas. The very old, in the north, between Hammamet and Nabeul, and the newest, Yasmine, located in the southern area, about 10 kilometers from the city center.

In both locations the beaches are exceptional, clean, have good infrastructure and have a high degree of safety. But if we have to opt for one of them, that will Yasmine, the tourist area. An exclusive place, full of top end hotels, apartments, villas, a huge theme park and direct access to Tunisia’s main marina. Needless to say, it is packed with beaches of great quality sand and waters that make this area a real relax black hole that traps and monopolizes the tourist with ease. Contributing powerfully to this are the sumptuous facilities of Le Royal Hammamet Hotel by BlueBay*****, an authentic oasis within the oasis of Yasmine, where luxury and service excellence are a guarantee of high quality standards.

If you manage to escape their powerful influence, even for a few hours, we’ll recommend a couple of visits to places of cultural interest that few know in the area, so take good note.

Ain er-Rahma

A very interesting town on the Gulf of Hamamet that features the ruins of the ancient Roman colony of Pheradi Majus, perfectly equipped and enabled for visit. Do not forget to capture an image of the magnificent and well preserved triumphal arch.

Bir Bou Regba

This is another visit you should seriously consider among your plans. It is a small town full of charm, close to Hammamet, where you can enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the bustling market or visit the Faura river waterfall, another trace of Roman rule where you can touch with your hands the remains of an ancient aqueduct.


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