The traditional palapa


Mexico wouldn’t be Mexico without this particular palm leaf architecture

Fajitas, guacamole, ranchero … are characteristic features of this country. But so is the palapa. Mexico wouldn’t be Mexico without this peculiar architectural element.

It is one of the legacies of Filipino culture that Mexico acquired and has made its own. There is no picture of the Mexican Caribbean that does not feature a palapa within its frame.

In fact, many tourist areas and hotels use this architectural element in its facilities, giving them a different and traditional touch. It is the case of BlueBay Grand Esmeralda resort, with palapa roofs on all buildings, bringing the air of magic to one of the best beaches in Riviera Maya.

Built mainly with palm leaves and wood, palapa resists high temperatures and maintains freshness inside. It is the main reason for its wide acceptance and use. In addition, construction has improved over time, with new techniques and materials that have helped strengthen its greatest weakness, the resistance.


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