Las Coloradas in Yucatan, the pink sea


In the Yucatan peninsula, just a three-hour drive from Cancun is the small fishing village of Las Coloradas. A magical place full of colour, where with the afternoon sun, you can admire the pink colour of the sea inlet, which is produced by the salts and microorganisms found in the water, and also gives this hidden gem its name.

The pink water is incredibly salty, so while it’s safe to have a dip, it can sting your skin somewhat. The beaches were declared a conservation area and are also recognised as a wildlife sanctuary. Three of the seven existing species of sea turtles come here to lay their eggs: the Carey, the White and the Loggerhead. Research, recreation and environmental education are the only activities allowed on these beaches.

Since Mayan times, the small port of Las Coloradas, with a population of roughly 1000 people, has been involved in the production of salt and today has one of Mexico’s largest salt mines. Guided visits to the salt factories are also available, where huge mounds of salt as white as snow can be seen.

Flamingos also live in the area, with their colours perfectly matching the rosy pink sparkle of the water. Fishermen from the area offer guided visits, and it’s a great opportunity to witness some of these beautiful birds in their natural habitat.

People in the small town are extremely hospitable and friendly. And as there’s not a very developed tourism infrastructure, it’s more than likely that if you ask one of the locals to recommend a place to eat, they’ll end up offering you food at their home.

The Biosphere Natural Reserve, Rio Lagartos, is nearby and possible to visit, although you’ll probably need more than one day to visit both places to enjoy them in all their splendour.


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