Leonardo Dicaprio takes ecology seriously and designs an eco-hotel in Belice


Actor Leonardo DiCaprio takes ecology really seriously, which he’s been defending for a long time, and faces his next project building a hotel focused in ecotourism in Belice.

DiCaprio has already planned his upcoming business Project. A new hotel adventure that will be located in an island 45 minutes away from Belice capital. It is a place where high acquisitive level is interested in the protection of the environment. Located at the Blackadore cay, property acquired by the actor some years ago costing €1.6 million, the hotel will have enormous swimming pools where guests will be able to enjoy astonishing dusks.

DiCaprio confirms this hotel won’t be like the rest. His intention is to protect the environment and give the area its natural and original aspect. In fact, he calls it the “restoration island”. This is why the hotel has been designed, with its partner Paul Scialla, with artificial reefs to protect the marine fauna, specially the manatees, in danger of extinction. Local plant life will be perfectly attended due to the cultivation of grass and swamps. As the actor confirmed recently, “the goal is trying to make something to change the world. I couldn’t go to Belice and start building without thinking it must be something revolutionary in ecology”.

According to his plans, the hotel will be operating next 2018. But he is not the only Hollywood actor who faces this kind of projects. Francis Ford Coppola is his neighbor with two luxury eco-hotels: the Bancaneaux Lodge and the Turtle Inn.

But not all of these actors design their hotels the same way. For instance, Richard Gere, has a hotel with eight rooms, called Bedford Post Inn, located in New York. It allows its guests to enjoy a real mansion of the American Revolution days. Besides, there are a lot of possibilities to find the actor there, as he uses to visit his own hotel.

Hugh Jackman also has his own Project and has focused his hotel Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat to look after the guests, body and soul. Located in his native Australia, the hotel offers a wide service which includes gym and massage using the Aborigines’ own techniques.


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