5 tallest buildings in the world


Using Aristotelian rhetoric, technically we will talk about a potential building and four in action. We will include a project in the ranking for two reasons: it will be the tallest building in the world, surpassing the Burj Khalifa, and its construction will start in just a month.


It is a project by a famous Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava. Its construction will begin next July and will end before the opening of the World Expo in Dubai in 2020. Its height will reach 1,000 meters and its design will be inspired by the lily flower. It is to be the new tourist icon of this country in constant transformation. Its budget is a genuine outrage, bordering on 1,000 million dollars.


Soon the glory of its 828 meters of height will be history. But to Caesar what is Caesar’s, today is the highest human-made construction in the world. Its doors opened in early 2010 and it has a spectacular observatory on the floor number 124, plus the highest-located pool in the country, located on the 76 floor. It is the most photographed building in the country, aside from being the setting of a Hollywood blockbuster and many publicity events. For now, still the reigning king …


Its 632 meters above the ground make it the winner of the silver medal in terms of altitude within civil engineering. Its construction lasted for 6 years and consists of 128 floors. It is a building where efficiency and ecological criteria have played an important role within in its conception and execution. It is flanked by two other buildings of entity, namely the Shanghai World Financial Center (492 meters) and the spectacular Jin Mao Tower (421 meters).

CN TOWER (Toronto)

We travel to the other end of the planet to meet the bronze medal in height. This is the CN Tower in Toronto, 553 meters at its peak. Until 2007, it had the honor of being the number one in the world with its 187 floors. It is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. It is one of the main tourist centers of the continent with more than two million visitors a year.


It is the fourth building in height but perhaps the first in sentimentality and spirit for what it represents. One World Trade Center rises from the ashes of the Twin Towers and for the United States, it is a symbol of resistance and freedom. Its height reaches 541 meters and it has 94 floors. Its observatory is one of the new “musts” of the city and it offers one of the most privileged views of the Big Apple.


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