Lotto And Álvaro Soler Are Ready To Take Over Your Summer!


Álvaro Soler, the international artist and former X-Factor judge, has teamed up with Lotto, the leading Italian company in footwear and clothing for sports and leisure, to deck-out and beautify the entire cast in the “La Cintura” music video. The single kicks off today and is available on radios and across all online platforms of the popstar (

The video, just shot in the Caribbean hotspot Havana, Cuba, is likely to surpass the resounding and overwhelming success of his prior hits, “Sofia” and “El Mismo Sol.” Dancing and prancing in lock-step with the track, Lotto’s Spring Summer 2018 shoes and clothing collection frame the island’s swaying rhythms and sonic fragrances on “La Cintura.” Inspired by sports and with its unique Italian flair, Lotto’s lifestyle collection focuses on colours, innovative materials and authentic design to form a perfect combination with the mood of “La Cintura” and is locked-in to become the “new black” for this coming summer.

Born in Barcelona and raised between Europe and Japan, Álvaro Soler achieved success on a global scale thanks to the album “Eterno Agosto”. At the age of 27, Álvaro already has to his credit 36 gold and platinum records, over 200 million streams and hundreds of millions of views on YouTube and VEVO. The collaboration with Álvaro Soler and his record label, Universal Music, is part of Lotto’s new lifestyle positioning that, alongside its traditional sports performance offer, embraces a path of growth and development in the lifestyle segment with a devoted collection and the launch of the LIFE’S brand.

Lotto outfits and apparel worn by the cast of the “La Cintura” video, along with the entire Spring/Summer 2018 collection, are available for immediate purchase online on the official website:



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